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2017 BWRT® Research Project

BWRT®治療法的運用非常廣泛,目前英國腦部工程研究學會(British BrainWorking Research Society) 的最新研究已經開始著手於處理生理狀況的問題,而研究計劃將會在2017年1月開始,由全世界120位高階BWRT®治療師在世界各地進行研究,為期約一年的時間,分為一月及七月兩組,各為期六個月。( 應對各項生理症狀的治療法已經過BWRT®導師進行過個案研究也非常成功,現由全球治療師擴大個案研究範圍,確認效度並應必要進行修正 ) 





Adrenal Problems 腎上腺問題
FMS: Fibromyalgia 纖維肌痛症候群
CFS: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 慢性疲勞症候群
IBS: Irritable Bowel Syndrome 腸躁症
Pain Management 痛症管理
Performance enhancement 增強表現/性能提升
Thyroid Function 甲狀腺功能問題
Diabetes (type 1 & 2) 糖尿病
Autoimmune Disorders 自體免疫疾病

詳情也可參考英國腦部工程研究學會(British BrainWorking Research Society) 的官網:


Our current active project is the group testing and evaluation of the efficacy of Level Three of BWRT® This is being conducted by upwards of 120 therapists over a twelve month period with two separate intakes, the first in January 2017, the second in July.

The reason for the two intakes is simple: the input from the first wave will be evaluated and any necessary revision to the course material made before it goes out to the second group – in this way the twelve month test period will reveal any unforeseen flaws in the material, both from a training point of view as well as overall efficacy.

It's important to recognise that the material has already been trialled in a small way by BWRT® Mentors and found to be effective within the conditions so far researched.

The programme is evaluating the efficacy when dealing with the psychological difficulties associated physiological issues including:

  •    Autoimmune disorders
  •    Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  •    Fibromyalgia
  •    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  •    Pain Management
  •    Thyroid function
  •    Adrenal problems
  •    Diabetes (type 1 and type 2)
  •    Performance enhancement

The major part of the programme commences in mid-January and progress and findings will be published here in due course.


In addition to the above, there is a continual process of development and evaluation in the speedy relief of common psychological disorders such as grief, depression, anxiety, stress, anger and other widespread issues.

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